Problem solved:

Redesigning the SmartROC D65 breakout cylinder

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Here are some of the improvements:

One piece barrel

The existing barrel was a welded assembly of multiple components, which presented inherent risks of cracking and internal leakage. Our new design utilises a fully engineered and metallurgically checked cast one-piece unit, which is stronger and more durable.

Threaded head gland

The original head gland was an interference fit and retained by a locking wire. This assembly was cumbersome to work with; it needed special tooling and would commonly seize inside the bore causing issues. Our new threaded head gland screws in and out effortlessly with the correct tooling. We also added gland and piston locking screws as an added failsafe mechanism.

The result

A durable component that is simpler to service in the field, saving time and money for the customer.

This is one of many components MASPRO has improved for superior performance in Australia’s unforgiving mining conditions.

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MASPRO manufactures premium-quality spare and replacement parts for the mining industry. We specialise in underground and surface mobile equipment suitable for use with major brands such as Sandvik, Epiroc (Atlas Copco), Boart Longyear and Terex, and also provide repairs and services.

Officially established in 2006, MASPRO is a proudly Australian family-owned and operated company with manufacturing and testing facilities based in Condobolin, NSW. Our distribution centres in WA, QLD and TAS are strategically located for fast distribution of parts.

MASPRO is known for ease of ordering, responsive delivery and quality products, delivered through world-class engineering, manufacturing and testing. The result is a product as good as, if not better than, OEM to help maximise your equipment uptime, utilisation and productivity even in the harshest conditions.

To learn more or discuss your needs, give us a call on 1800 627 776, email [email protected] or head to 

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