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Greg Kennard
Managing Director

At MASPRO, we’re serious about ensuring the quality of every product in our range. That’s why we invest in the latest innovative machinery to drive continual improvement, like this advanced European thread rolling technology.
The need for reliable supply of parts for essential industries like mining has made Australian manufacturing and local delivery more critical than ever. Here’s how MASPRO is shoring up its global supply chain by getting closer to customers.
From making shovels for WW2 to state-of-the-art mining parts in demand globally, via drought and downturns spanning 40 years and three generations, MASPRO is an Australian success story. All from Condobolin, 460 kilometres west of Sydney, where they were told many times it couldn’t be done. Watch their inspiring story.

5 Reasons to Rely on MASPRO for…

Confidence in Quality

MASPRO gives guaranteed quality and competitive pricing giving value for money and lower lifetime cost of ownership. In mining, there is no room for downtime.

State-of-the-art engineering in the heart of Condobolin

Look behind the scenes of this Aussie success story

Smack bang in the centre of NSW, 460 kilometres west of Sydney, Condobolin is not the obvious choice for a state-of-the-art engineering facility.

Everything they touch turns to bronze

NZ company turns local trash into global treasure

What do busted car radiators, tangled electrical wire and exploded shell casings have in common with precision-engineered NASCAR racing car parts? They all share a 1,500 degree furnace in Christchurch. For partners AW Fraser and MASPRO, the business of recycling has never been so hot.


New multi-tasking CNC

New multi-tasking energy saving and environmentally friendly CNC machine installation in our manufacturing division at Condobolin, NSW following similar machine installed a month ago! Increased capacity.

From Condobolin to the world:

How a local wire maker became a global player

The sky is deep red as yet another dust storm rolls across Condobolin in hot gusts. Inside a climate-controlled laboratory, a Filipino engineer tests a part using million-dollar equipment. Within a week, that part will be deep underground in an Egyptian mine. Just another day at MASPRO.

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