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Greg Kennard
Managing Director

At MASPRO, we’re serious about ensuring the quality of every product in our range. That’s why we invest in the latest innovative machinery to drive continual improvement, like this advanced European thread rolling technology.
The need for reliable supply of parts for essential industries like mining has made Australian manufacturing and local delivery more critical than ever. Here’s how MASPRO is shoring up its global supply chain by getting closer to customers.
From making shovels for WW2 to state-of-the-art mining parts in demand globally, via drought and downturns spanning 40 years and three generations, MASPRO is an Australian success story. All from Condobolin, 460 kilometres west of Sydney, where they were told many times it couldn’t be done. Watch their inspiring story.

Product spotlight: Sandvik Axera DD421

Optimised parts for longer lifespan when rock bolting

While there are more sophisticated underground drills on the market, the Sandvik Axera DD421 has long been popular as it is a versatile workhorse that is reliable and simple to maintain. Did you know MASPRO provides 550+ parts for it, many of which have been individually re-engineered for superior performance?

How reverse engineering consumable mining parts can save you thousands

Request a part from MASPRO

If you stock OEM products for your high-volume consumable mining parts, MASPRO could save you money AND fast-track deliveries with local manufacturing. How do we know? We’ve delivered measurable results for mines across Australia and the world for decades.

Meet Jim. He’s deep underground drilling.

What happens next? Well that depends.

Maybe, when conditions get harsh, the coupling in Jim’s rock drill cracks under pressure. Jim cracks it too. Jim’s boss hits the roof. And work comes to a grinding halt. Thousands of dollars in losses later, tough questions are being asked… very impolitely. Or, maybe not. In this animation we explore why quality matters at MASPRO, and how to guarantee it

Everything old is new again

How rebuilding parts is saving mines thousands

By stripping, repairing and rebuilding parts from scratch, MASPRO is delivering a service life equivalent to that of brand new parts for around 40-60% of the price. Plus, unlike OEMs, the ability to re-engineer parts has increased their lifespan significantly – up to 400% in some cases. Here’s how.

How a simple change saved a major mining company in Mt Isa $548,000 in a year

One simple change cut costs by ~30-50%

Simply switching parts supplier for underground rock drills saved their Rebuild Facility over half a million dollars in a single year, with zero loss of performance. Considering that’s just one division, it’s a saving worth investigating. Here’s how they did it.

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