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Greg Kennard
Managing Director

This year marks 15 years since MASPRO Engineering was officially established. A lot has changed in that time – both in the world and in our organisation.
Tony Dover is a Senior Engineer with MASPRO Engineering since March 2021. During the past decade his work focussed upon developing effective and innovative engineering solutions.
Aussie manufacturing has never been more important, says Greg Kennard, MASPRO’s Managing Director. “We’re doubling down on our commitment to local industry and jobs by investing in a new state-of-the-art facility opening in 2021, right here in beautiful Condobolin”. Watch it come to life!

5 Critical Marketing Trends in 2019

Every business must follow!

As we approach the mid year, ‘customer engagement’ has become one of the most important criteria for a successful business. If you fail to wow customers, you are falling behind the line. Most businesses tend to focus on gaining new customers and do not focus on customer retention strategies.

Live ends for hydraulic cylinders:

Simple idea saves mining contractors time and money

For a few years now, MASPRO has produced all-in-one live ends for a range of hydraulic cylinders and jack legs. Essentially a pre-assembled repair kit, they take a previously complex process of assembling multiple components, and simplify it down to one-step: unscrew the old one and screw in the new one. Job done.

Problem solved:

Redesigning the SmartROC D65 breakout cylinder

Although the SmartROC D65 is built to take on the toughest of working conditions, the harsh climate in Australia puts even the best to the ultimate test. When a common reoccurring problem came to light, MASPRO’s team of engineers, with a focus on innovation, redesigned the original breakout cylinder that was subject to frequent failures and difficult to maintain.

7 secrets to making quality parts:

Why you can count on MASPRO

Having been in the mining industry for many years, we understand that shortcuts and mistakes are costly and come back to bite hard. That’s why quality is always our top priority from raw materials and design to testing and delivery. We strive to ensure our components meet or exceed the original manufacturer specifications.

From Condobolin to the world:

How a local wire maker became a global player

From making shovels for WW2 to state-of-the-art mining parts in demand globally, via drought and downturns spanning 40 years and three generations, MASPRO is an Australian success story. All from Condobolin, 460 kilometres west of Sydney, where they were told many times it couldn’t be done. Watch their inspiring story.

Product spotlight: Epiroc Easer L

Local parts and modifications for raiseboring machine

The Epiroc Easer L Raise raiseboring machine is gaining popularity due to its excellent versatility, compact size and mobility. However, with only a handful of the drills operating in Australia, it is not strongly supported by global OEMs for replacement parts or modifications. That’s where MASPRO comes in.

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