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MASPRO Employee Interviews

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Tell us about yourself. And what is your role at MASPRO?

I work out of MASPRO’s head office in Condobolin and am primarily responsible for the Sales and Key Account Management covering both underground and surface mining clients all over the world. My day typically involves working directly with the maintenance and procurement personnel of potential and existing customers as well as liaising with our internal operations teams including production and supply chain. 

How did you first learn about MASPRO, and how has MASPRO evolved over the years?

My first memories of MASPRO date back well before I finished school. Dad was a parcel delivery driver for Australia Post for a few years and I would usually help him after school and on holidays. We regularly delivered to most businesses in town including MASPRO. In my later years of high school, I also completed the practical work experience component of my Metal & Engineering certificate at MASPRO. 

It is certainly very exciting to be a part of the continued growth at MASPRO. Our footprint continues to evolve at a rapid pace with new clients, staff, products, services, machinery, facilities etc. all in the works currently.

How has MASPRO helped you in your career development?

I have been at MASPRO for almost 6 years now and throughout MASPRO has provided excellent support and many opportunities for development in my career and in life. These include access to personal and professional growth seminars, training courses (accounting and business management) as well as mentoring to name just a few. I am very grateful indeed.

What do you find the most challenging at MASPRO?

One of the most frustrating jobs at MASPRO would be sorting out logistics issues with freight providers. It can be unbelievably slow to get a resolution at times however fortunately this does not occur very often. A regular challenge can be the ability to quickly connect and effectively communicate with some clients in very remote locations that have little to no mobile coverage. 

What is your favourite part about working for MASPRO?

At MASPRO, we have a great team of hardworking and positive people which makes for an enjoyable and highly motivated work environment. I also enjoy building and enhancing client relationships, solving problems, increasing business opportunities and the feeling of job satisfaction that comes hand in hand with each new success. 

What advice do you have for prospective MASPRO candidates?

MASPRO is always looking for people who have a positive attitude and aptitude to match. Attention to detail is a must, as is consistency of both effort and outcome. There are a variety of specialist and/or diverse roles opening up at MASPRO now and in the coming months. We look forward to meeting experienced candidates who are excited by the opportunity to grow with MASPRO.

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MASPRO manufactures premium-quality spare and replacement parts for the mining industry. We specialise in underground and surface mobile equipment suitable for use with major brands such as Sandvik, Epiroc (Atlas Copco), Boart Longyear and Terex, and also provide repairs and services.

Officially established in 2006, MASPRO is a proudly Australian family-owned and operated company with manufacturing and testing facilities based in Condobolin, NSW. Our distribution centres in WA, QLD and TAS are strategically located for fast distribution of parts.

MASPRO is known for ease of ordering, responsive delivery and quality products, delivered through world-class engineering, manufacturing and testing. The result is a product as good as, if not better than, OEM to help maximise your equipment uptime, utilisation and productivity even in the harshest conditions.

To learn more or discuss your needs, give us a call on 1800 627 776, email [email protected] or head to 

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