Maspro parts compatible with

Sandvik Drills

If you’re a supply manager, purchasing officer or procurement manager, MASPRO has you covered. When you’re assessing a supplier who provides spare parts for underground and surface mining equipment, you need absolute certainty you’re making the right choice. This is a critical role in the organization, charged with increasing efficiency and reducing costs and a commitment to optimization and efficiency.

MASPRO’s spare parts are compatible with Sandvik, Axera, Cabolt, Solo & Drifter-specific Drills.

Maspro parts compatible with

Sandvik Drills

Surface Drill Rigs

High pressure down-the-hole drill rigs (Cubex)

MASPRO® Parts engineered to perform.
No compromise.

Whether you are  a contractor servicing the gold and precious metals, coal, and iron ore mining sectors across Australia with drill and blast, Ground stabilisation and RC grade control or an owner operator with production targets to meet, you are going to want parts engineered to suit the harsh mining conditions found in Australia.

MASPRO are mining mobile equipment spare parts specialists. Our high-quality products are designed and tested for excellent performance.

Products stocked in our warehouses include:

  • Feed and Boom replacement spare parts
  • Full range of hydraulic cylinders and live ends.
  • Gripper jaws and break-out table assemblies
  • Rotation Units/ gearbox spares

Replacement or after-market spare parts suitable for use with Sandvik surface drill rigs such as:

  • Sandvik: DR580/Dr560 down-the-hole drill rig CUBEX

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