5 Critical Marketing Trends in 2019

Every business must follow!

As we approach the mid year, ‘customer engagement’ has become one of the most important criteria for a successful business. If you fail to wow customers, you are falling behind the line. Most businesses tend to focus on gaining new customers and do not focus on customer retention strategies.

Toby Tregenza

MASPRO Employee Interviews

I work out of MASPRO’s head office in Condobolin and am primarily responsible for the Sales and Key Account Management covering both underground and surface mining clients all over the world.

Get that mining equipment part when you need it the most

Maspro warehouse in PERTH and an upcoming warehouse in Mount ISA

You’re a mining mechanic or fitter, you need a part for your boom assembly or carrier frame assembly, you need it now and it’s Sunday. Who do you call?

The Value of Diversity

@MASPRO Australia

We live in a convoluted, interconnected world where ‘diversity,’ shaped by globalisation and technological advancement, forms the backbone of modern society. We see this come together as a winning formula for MASPRO.

Celebration of Wins at MASPRO

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

As we look back at 2019, we scale the success we have achieved in the past year. Small wins have a transformational power and the combination of these small wins lead to larger and greater accomplishments. And that is exactly what happened at MASPRO.

Meet the team! Tony Dover, Senior Engineer, Maspro

MASPRO Employee Interviews

Tony Dover is a Senior Engineer with MASPRO Engineering since March 2021. During the past decade his work focussed upon developing effective and innovative engineering solutions.

Can we help with parts suitable for use with Sandvik mining drills?

Give us a call on +61 2 6895 2822, check out our Products page or email us at parts@maspro.com.au. Our technical support, sales and fulfilment teams are here to keep your operation on track.

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